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Matt and Leah Santee
Met at ISU, Matt proposed in April 2014 under the campanile at midnight and we were married at the Iowa State Alumni Center on August 15, 2015 with Cy making a special appearance at our reception! We love Iowa State and the Cyclones!
Ben and Cindy Dees
Ben and Cindy Dees
Ben and Cindy Dees celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on April 17, 2014. The couple first met in the fall of 2005 while they were community advisors in the Maple-Willow-Larch residence halls. Cindy graduated from the College of Business in 2006, while Ben graduated from the College of Engineering in 2007.

After four years of dating, they tied the knot in April 2010 in an intimate ceremony in Houston, TX surrounded by seventy-five close friends and family members. They currently reside in the Houston, TX area where Ben works as a structural engineer and is an MBA candidate at the Jones School at Rice University. Cindy graduated in 2013 from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with her master's degree in public service management and works as a public administrator for a Houston suburb.

In their spare time, the couple enjoys training their miniature Dachshund named Taz, expanding their wine and beer knowledge and socializing with mutual friends.

James Bradbury

Class of 1977
James and Martha Bradbury celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on July 7, 2013. We met at ISU when pursuing our degrees in engineering and food and nutrition.
Jim (James Robert Foster '46) and Lorrie (Lorris Foster Foster '48)
Jim (James Robert Foster '46) and Lorrie (Lorris Foster Foster '48)
Jim Foster, CE '46, and I, met at Iowa State the fall of 1945 when he returned to the campus after serving in Europe as a First Lieutenant with the Corps of Engineers. The Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority was having an exchange with the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at their house. I saw this handsome man and said to myself, "This is someone I have to meet." He was entertaining everyone by doing card tricks. From then on I showed up everywhere he went. I knew he was going with a pretty blond, but that did not stop me. We corresponded over Christmas vacation and when we got back together I told him I loved him. Being shy, Jim was not about to rush into anything. He kissed me on Jan. 26. I wrote to my folks that I had met the man I want to marry. Immediately, my dad came to Ames and met with us and Jim' mom. The rest is history. We were married 59 i/2 years. Jim's dad, Walter (Pop) Foster, taught in the Civil Engineering Department, and my mom, Luella Madsen Foster, gradwated in 1915. Iowa State was the last place I wanted to attend college, but God had other plans, and I thank him every day for Iowa State and for Jim, my best friend, my lover, and father of our five beautiful children.

Larry Huisman

Class of 1965
Married a month and our first Easter Sunday.  I was in the USAF on active duty located in Tacoma, WA
Married a month and our first Easter Sunday. I was in the USAF on active duty located in Tacoma, WA
My wife and I first met in the ISU Armory and we both were in uniform. She was in the Air Force Angel Flight(Honorary Group of Girls who worked with the AF ROTC honorary club of Cadets). I was a senior in Air Force ROTC and had to be at school a week early for ROTC(fall of 1964). She had to be there early for Angel Flight. I and a fellow cadet were coming down the southwest stairs and two Angel Flight girls in uniform were walking along the hall at the bottom of the stairs. Marty and I were also in our AFROTC uniforms and Marty knew both of the girls. He introduced me to both of them. That evening I called Lindy for a date and the next day we had our first date. In the fall of 1965 we got pinned just before I went on active duty with the Air Force and were engaged that Christmas. She graduated in Feb 1967 and we were married a week later. Out of our marriage we have two children: a son and daughter. Our son also graduted from ISU and was commissioned as an officer through AFROTC and today 1/13/2011 he is a Lt. Col. and career officer in the Air Force. I sometimes think what if Lindy had walked by the bottom of the stairs a few minutes later or earlier. (I was not a member of the AFROTC honorary club.) I would have not met my best friend and wife of 44 years and there would not have been a Lt. Col. son in the Air Force.
My husband, Jeff Van Winkle, and I met at ISU in the late 90s. He was a student in the College of Design and I was a student in the College of Business. Before I graduated in 2001 with my bachelors degree, Jeff proposed to me under the Campanile at midnight. We were marriend in 2003.

Gene Vincent

Class of 1953
Arlene Steffen and I met thru an arranged date by a friend at a YMCA pancake supper. That was in the Spring of 1952. Arlene was a freshman and I was a junior. I graduated in 1953 and Arlene in 1951. I spent 2 years in the Air Force and she spent 6 months in Finland as an IFYE delegate following graduations, and we were married on February 12, 1956. So, next week we will be observing our 55th wedding anniversary.

Gene Vincent

Keith Young

Class of 1988
Patricia & Keith Young
Patricia & Keith Young
Patricia & Keith met when they got stuck together in a seating chart on the first day of Business Writing in Ross Hall, January 1987. Over the course of the semester, they become really good friends, even walking together to their next classes in Carver Hall. That summer, Patricia lived and worked in Ames, and Keith worked in Ames while living in his hometown nearby. One friendly get-together turned into another, and before long, the two were in love. Pat graduated in December 1987 and went to work in Sioux City. Keith graduated in May 1988 and went to work in New York City. The romance survived time and distance, and the two were married in September 1989. Twenty-one years later, we are still going strong and have a beautiful daughter!

Robert Lamb

Class of 1949
Class Note Photo
Speech 311 was taught in a classroom on the third floor of Beardshear Hall during the Fall Quarter of 1946 at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa. Professor Joe North was the instructor. Class members were a diverse lot with mature veterans from World War II and young men and women not long out of high school.

This was a great time of the year for college students with Homecoming celebrations not far away and the enthusiasm generally associated with the beginning of a new school year. The Daily Student printed pictures of the various Homecoming Committee chairmen to add to the hype. It so happened that the pretty girl who sat in the back row of the Speech 311 class was the Publicity Chairman (and I sat in the front row.) Her name was Jean McDonald.

During the course Professor North seemed to pick a couple of students to be the brunt of his critiques. Week after week the same two were "honored" by him to provide examples (both pro and con) of good and not-so-good speeches. Those two were Jean McDonald and Bob Lamb.

It became commonplace to meet at the top of the stairs after class and commiserate with one another as we headed for our next class. This led to a traditional "coke date" at the Memorial Union where we learned that our home towns were Ames and Boone.

In those days these two arch rivals in high school football were known throughout the state. Normally their annual game was played on Armistice Day (Nov. 11), but the conclusion of WWII and other social issues had changed this tradition. The big day was scheduled for November 1, a school day, and the game was to be played at Clyde Williams Field where the ISC varsity played all its games.

For our first date Jean and I skipped class to attend the game and see Ames beat Boone (as it usually did), this time by the score of 19-0. We showed no partiality and spent a half in each team's cheering section.

This began a relationship which developed into my giving her an engagement ring on December 1, 1947 at a "Five Pound Party" in the Kappa Delta House with my Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers in attendance. Jean had found some gift wrap paper of a baby sheep with a bell on a ribbon around it's neck; so the theme of the event was "A Lamb and His Belle." Are "Five Pound Parties" still in vogue?

Jean graduated on a very cold day in June, 1947. This was extra memorable since the ceremony was held outdoors at Clyde Williams Field with the graduates wearing sweaters or jackets under their robes.

Instead of teaching Home Ec. in a nearby school, Jean chose to utilize her library experience acquired while working at the Ames Public Library during her high school years. As a result she became a Reference Librarian at the Iowa State Library, and later taught the Library course which all students were required to take before graduation. It gave no credit and took one hour each week for a quarter. Is it still a part of all curricula?

Our wedding took place in Ames at the First Congregational Church on September 1, 1948. We were most fortunate to obtain a lovely apartment in the second floor of a a private home at 504 Lynn. Not only was the previous year spent on wedding plans and preparations, but it also entailed a very stiff academic challenge. The junior year in Chemical Engineering had a bruising reputation - and justifiably so.

I was fortunate enough to get an offer from 3M Company (known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company); so we moved to St. Paul in January, 1950. The first day of the month has been a key date in this story thus far, so I want to add still another instance. Our first child, Kevin, was born on October 1, 1951.

Jean and I spent ten and a half years in St. Paul, two years in the Washington D.C. area and the balance of thirty eight years with 3M in Dayton, Ohio, during which time we produced five children, three boys and two girls. All are college graduates, including one M.S. and a PhD. Currently we have seven grand children and three great grand children. Except for a son (the PhD), daughter-in-law and grandson, they all live relatively close to us.

My twenty five and a half years for 3M in the Dayton area was due to the fact that Wright Patterson Air Force Base was located near there. It was the focal point of most of the technical work which the Air Force funded, so it became my job to learn of the technical needs of the Air Force and help "marry" them with 3M's many technologies.

In the late forties there was a custom that a girl could not be considered a coed unless she was kissed under the campanile at the stroke of midnight. If there was any merit to that tradition, Jean graduated without ever being a coed. I wonder if it's too late.

Lee Mason

Class of 2000
Soc 134 Buddies
Soc 134 Buddies
We met in Soc 134 class. Lee's last year (already accepted a job offer in Texas), Rachel's first semester. Sat 2 seats away from each other the first day of class. By the last day of class we were sitting beside each other and going out for pizza after class for our first date on December 10th, 2000. We even walked together to Curtiss Hall to check out our final grades. After a long distance relationship, we were married after Rachel graduated on August 10th, 2002. Living currently in Houston and we make it back to Iowa several times a year.

Kevin Urick

Class of 1981
I met my wife Karen (Young, Forestry/Pest Management '82) on Valentines Day 1981 at a friend's graduation party. I proposed the next Valentines Day and we are now celebrating our 30th Valentines Day. It has always been a special day; more special than our anniversary which is September 11. We have been blessed with two wonderful, fun children and currently have a daughter, Katy at Iowa State creating her own Cyclone memories.
28 years
28 years
Chuck and I met the summer of 1979, before our junior year at ISU. His fraternity( Alpha Gamma Rho) was mad at my sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta) because we turned them down for an event : ie Homecoming or Varieties. He decided to be the peace maker and ask me out. Two years later to the date of our first date we were married. Sept 5 1981
Mr. & Mrs. Arato
Mr. & Mrs. Arato
Mr. & Mrs. Arato
2008 ISU Graduates
Married 8/8/09
Todd and Richelle
Todd and Richelle
Todd and I met in SecEd 101...I was a freshman and he was a junior. I thought he was soooo cute! My pledge class (for Delta Zeta) was selling boxes of M&M's to raise money for our pledge project and he was my best customer! We talked every Tuesday and Thursday in class, and I helped him survive the lab.

However, after the semester was over, we didn't see each other until the fall of my junior year. He had graduated and was working for Ames Parks and Rec. My sorority sisters and I had gone to the Cave Inn (newly remodeled, no doubt!) on a Friday night and there, sitting at one of the tables, was Todd with a group of his friends.

He asked me to dance and the rest, they say, is history! He proposed to me the following fall under the campanile. We have been together ever since!

We absolutely love Iowa State! Our family has experienced football, basketball, and baseball games, tailgates, VEISHEA, homecoming get-togethers at the Delta Zeta house, the Big XII Tournament, and bowl games. It is great to be a Cyclone!!

Tami Ryan (Cott)

Class of 1990
on a trip to Orkney, north of Scotland
on a trip to Orkney, north of Scotland
Adam and I met while working at Parks Library -- our first real conversation was a discussion of the ISUCF'V'MB, which I had participated in and he was still a member of. It's been almost 7 years since that first chat and we are now married and living in Roland (about 20 minutes NE of Ames). We both enjoy participating in Alumni Band and cheering for the Cyclones.
Rich and I met at Iowa State and celebrated our 20th anniversary this year. Love each other, love the Cyclones!
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
Dan and I met our sophomore year of college on 8th floor of Larch. I was a transfer student moving in early for formal recruitment and he was the floor president living on the floor a second year and given permission to move in a little early.

One afternoon during formal recruitment I started to loose my voice from talking so much and needed to make some tea. My roommate was brining the microwave and I didn't have a way to make hot water. So I walked all around the girl’s side of the floor to find a microwave I could use, but no one was around. On the guy's side there was one door open with a very handsome man watching a baseball game. I asked him if I could use his microwave and the shy guy nodded. As my water heated up, I talked the ear off my new friend.

When classes began we got to know each other a bit more and often bumped into each other at the dining hall, rec center, St. Thomas church and football games. Casual run-ins developed into a really fun friendship. We spent many nights working on homework till late, only to discover that we accomplished very little because we were making too many jokes and distracting each other from getting our work done.

Later that fall Dan invited me to a Halloween party. I went as cupid and he went as a lifeguard. As the party was winding down he kissed me, and as they say the rest is history.
Our famiy at an ISU tailgating party
Our famiy at an ISU tailgating party
Jerry and I met at a meeting to prepare a skit for the Homecoming Contest, " Yell Like Hell " . We belonged to the off-campus organization, ISA, Independent Student Association. After the meeting, Jerry asked if anyone wanted to go to Shakey's Pizza Parlor and I was the only taker. Don't know how well we did at the contest, but Jerry and I were the big winners, getting married one year later.
We ended up having 6 children, all of whom have been Iowa State students.

Bradley Sievers

Class of 2002
Class Note Photo
Tracy and I met my freshmen year, she was a sophomore. About a month into school, she was the homecoming co-chair for Yell Like Hell....we started dating shortly after and never looked back. We love Iowa State, and enjoy all of the memories made there. 10 years together now!

Larry Hiller

Class of 1963
We met at Iowa State in our freshman year. It actually began the summer before when we were both state officer candidates for Iowa State 4-H and I saw her picture in the Des Moines Register. Jan was one of the 6 candidates (out of 8) who were going to attend Iowa State. It was not until the Registration Dance of the winter quarter of our junior year that we really began serious dating! We were married in June 1963 and have celebrated many good years since!!
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